Super-fine Guanidine Nitrate  
Cupric nitrate,basic  
Super-fine cupric oxide  
Ammonium Nitrate Phase stabilized  
Guanidine Nitrate  
Super-fine Calcium Carbonate  
Calcium Carbonate  
Super-fine Strontium Nitrate  
High Purity Antimony Trisulfide  
10# Nitrogen-rich Energetic Materials  
12# Nitrogen-rich Energetic Materials  

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DefenPol China2020
DefenPol China2020

DefenPol China2020 was promoted at Guangzhou in China on 17-18th of July this year. The General Manager Liangyu Dai of Sanming Coffer, Chief Designer of Chengdu Coffer research institute and the Export Manager Cuiyan Yan took part in the exhibition.


We exhibited Hand-throwing Scattered Smoking Tear Gas Grenade in the fair which was researched and developed in recent years. Many purchasers were attracted by the products after our representatives introducing the advantages and innovations in detail.


We believe the awareness of Hand-throwing Scattered Smoking Tear Gas Grenades will be greatly improved through the exhibition. Finally, congratulations on the success of DefenPol China2020.

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